The Big Draw

The De La Warr Pavilion is an inspiring building at the best of times, but particularly on a sunny day in May in the company of artists and educators exploring drawing activities with The Big Draw's Eileen Adams. Armed with clipboards and pens we headed out into an unsuspecting Bexhill to create and record our journeys in continous line.
A stimulating day, and I look forward to working further with The Big Draw.

LBHF Arts Forum

Sarah will be representing the Society of Fulham Artists & Potters (SOFAP) on the Arts Forum, set up by LB Hammersmith & Fulham to bring together key artistic and cultural organisations to further the arts and culture within the borough.

New painting unveiled

Sarah's latest painting, 'Power Station, Dorset', has already received critical acclaim. The work is in oil on gesso panel and depicts a research Nuclear Power Station which was built on the Dorset heathland in the 1960s and demolished in the 1980s. As well as challenging conventional ideas of beauty and landscape, the use of two distinct languages within the painting explores the specific impact of human intervention in nature and a wider sense of transplantation and 'out of' place. 'Power Station Dorset' can be seen in the Places Gallery.

Palace Riverside Artists

Sarah is working with a small group of other London artists under the name of 'Palace Riverside Artists' . Palace Riverside is the London electoral ward where we all live and work, named for Fulham Palace, the historic former country residence of the Bishops of London which was built in the north bank of the River Thames and dates from the 11th century. Details of our first group show to follow.

Academy of Urbanism

I have recently been invited to become an Academician. The Academy of Urbanism is a high level, cross sector group of individuals and organisations that champions - through discourse, education and awards - the cause of good quality urbanism throughout Great Britain and Ireland. For more information see the Academy's website.

Communicating a future for Bankside

Bankside is an historic district of central London, home to Shakespeare's Globe and Tate Modern, but it is also a fast-changing urban quarter where new developments are rising from the ground even at a time of global recession. Part of the growing attractiveness of Bankside both as a place to live and to work can perhaps be attributed to the driving force of Better Bankside, one of the first Business Improvement Districts set up in Britain. In February 2010 the BID renewal ballot will take place, and I have been commissioned by Better Bankside to write the Proposal document that will help businesses in making that decision. For more information contact me on

Placeworks goes West

Placeworks has been on a works outing. For the past two weeks we have been sailing in the good ship Agatha, exploring ports and harbours between Poole and the Helford River. Watch out for new artwork and writing inspired by our travels, coming soon.

Academy of Urbanism

The Academy of Urbanism is publishing a new book to accompany its 2009 Urbanism Awards and I have been asked to write the chapter on Towns. The three shortlisted towns were Chichester, Richmond and Stirling.

Rehearsal/Performance Exhibition at the New Theatre, Oxford

As part of a new project called Rehearsal/Performance I worked with Oxford Operatic Society during rehearsals for their production of 42nd Street, and the paintings were exhibited in the Circle Bar at the New Theatre Oxford during the show's run in May 2009. Some of these paintings are still available and can be seen in the gallery.

15 - 24 May - Society of Fulham Artists & Potters Spring Exhibition

Three of my oil paintings were included in the SOFAP Spring Exhibition.The paintings — Contemplation, Conspiracy and Industry — can also be seen in my online Gallery.