Seen the paintings, and the gift shop - NEW PAINTING ADDED

...Though it's more likely to be jewellery and handbags at any self-respecting blockbuster art show these days. The Shopping and Eating series has begun, where else, in the art gallery (aren't they the two main activities at a good venue?) - see the first painting in the Places gallery. The painting was inspired by our recent visit to Paris where we saw the excellent L'Impressionisme et la Mode at the Musée d'Orsay.
I haven't been to the Manet show at the RA yet, have you? Bet there are some great scarves.

Shopping and Eating

For many city dwellers, Shopping and Eating are such essential activities that they deserve capital letters. I know people outside cities shop and eat too but possibly only as a necessity (I'm joking). OK, maybe not with such fervent enthusiasm and setting of great store by where, when and who else will be there.

Just like anything where there are hundreds of different but similar examples (a flock of sheep, indie folk bands, comedies on Radio 4), a city's population of restaurants can seem to move - appear, morph, disappear - like a fluid mass churning and flowing around the city's streets. I have observed this with sheep (though not in a city's streets very often) and believe that the study of fluid dynamics can be a useful way of understanding many such phenomena.

Vauxhall One RIBA design competition brief

Placeworks has also been commissioned by Vauxhall One to help write the brief for the RIBA design competition Vauxhall The Missing Link.

Art in Southwark feature - now online

Sarah was commissioned to write 'Art and Soul', a feature on the current art scene in Southwark for a national regeneration magazine and has been busy talking to innovative galleries, advocacy groups and studio providers in one of London's hottest areas for emerging art talent. You can now read the article online

Working with Vauxhall One

Placeworks was commissioned by the London Business Improvement District Vauxhall One to write the words for a new booklet "Making the Most of your Membership" . Vauxhall One ensures that local business voices will be heard as the development of Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea -- one of the most significant city centre regeneration opportunities in Europe -- gets underway.

Borough High Street

Borough High Street, the historic route that links Borough with the river, is a key place in Bankside Neighbourhood Plan. Read an earlier piece written by Sarah for Better Bankside on Borough High Street.

Art and the City 1 - The Art of Construction, Mall Galleries, London SW1

If, like Placeworks, you think artists can play more of a role on construction sites than producing something to decorate the plaza once the tower cranes have moved out, visit the Mall Galleries in London before by 7 July where 'Built' is an excellent small show curated by Patricia Cain. Congratulations too to Patricia and the Mall Galleries for the symposium last week, 'Construction, Knowing Through Making', which explored the experiences of the four exhibiting artists and others.

Quarterly 15 launches - we find out about Bankside Neighbourhood Forum

Do you live or work in Bankside? Interested in the way it’s developing? Then you too can get involved in the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan.

Did you know that Bankside is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan? Introduced by the Localism Act, this newest addition to the planning system could bring development planning much closer to home – or work – but first it has to be drafted, consulted on and examined by an inspector. If successful the plan goes to public referendum in March 2013, and could then be adopted by Southwark Council, to influence future planning applications in the Bankside area.

“Bankside was announced as a ‘frontrunner’ plan back in 2010. A group of residents, businesses and local organisations have been working together through the Neighbourhood Forum to identify what ambitions a plan for Bankside should include, and then what policies would help achieve that”, explains Tim Wood, local architect and Chair of Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST).

Working towards a Neighbourhood Plan

Sarah has been engaged to help the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum work towards producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Bankside. To find out more, visit

Placeworks en vacances

Placeworks will be holiday for the first two weeks of August, visiting various ports of call around the Channel Islands, Basse-Normandie and Haute-Bretagne, weather permitting. Reports back to follow.