Get the lowdown on what's going up

If you live or work in central London it might seem as though your neighbourhood is constantly changing, so knowing some of the stories behind the developments can help to make sense of it all.
Placeworks works with Better Bankside, the Business Improvement District, and Southwark Council to do just that - here's one of the latest stories.

Towns I am currently re-reading - Margate-sur-Mer

As you may know, Placeworks has been invited to contribute to a forthcoming book, Urbanism, to be published next year by Routledge. Here's what the Routledge website says:

"The Academy of Urbanism was founded in 2006 with a mission to recognise, encourage and celebrate great places across the UK, Europe and beyond, and the people and organisations that create and sustain them. This book is a compendium of seventy five places that have been shortlisted as part of the Academy's annual awards scheme which covers great Places, Streets, Neighbourhoods, Towns and Cities.

"Included are 75 places shortlisted between 2009 and 2013. Each has been visited by a team of Academicians who have spent time in the place, talked to officials and local people and sought to understand what it is that makes them special and how they have achieved what they have achieved. The Academy also commissions a poem, a drawing and a figure ground plan to understand and interpret the place. David Rudlin, Rob Thompson and Sarah Jarvis have drawn on this treasure trove of material to tell the story of these 75 places. In doing so they have created the most comprehensive compendium of great urban places to have been published for many years."

Writing the section on Margate was an excellent excuse to revisit this coastal comeback kid.

New studio, new paintings

Very happy to move in to new studio at last - have now had a couple of sessions there, and really enjoying it. Still no view of the outside world but it cuts drown on distractions. A few images in places and portraits galleries - link on the left.

Green Capital - green infrastructure for a future city

Client: Cross River Partnership
Status: Published 2016

Nearly half of London is green, making it unique among major conurbations. But the need to accommodate a growing population and London’s continuing attractiveness for investment means this green space is under threat.

Cross River Partnership coordinated the Greening the BIDs Steering Group, bringing together Business Improvement Districts across central London to deliver 19 Green Infrastructure Audits and 16 GI installations, including rain gardens, living walls and green roofs.

To help this inspirational learning take root and flourish more widely, Placeworks was commissioned to create an engaging, user friendly brochure articulating the multi-functional benefits of GI, showing successful green infrastructure installation case studies, along with information and advice about the benefits and a delivering GI ‘how to’ guide.

Q: Can you taste the world in one postcode?

A: Very possibly, if that postcode is London SE1.

Placeworks is currently spending a lot of time working in SE1, especially around Bankside and Borough, and it doesn't take a geography genius to spot that this is a food and drink hotspot. After all they've been specialising in most things comestible here for centuries. But even with so many opportunities to buy it still feels a bit hit and miss. Some companies offer ways to find out more about their products - and their passion for them. Placeworks, branching out into Tasteworks, is on a mission to find out more.

Artist in residence - the journey begins

Regular readers will know that earlier in the year Placeworks got the green light to work with London Bridge Station Redevelopment Project as site artist. At last the train is leaving the platform (you'll have to get used to these). Here's a quick update.
Just before the holiday I went along to the Kingston test centre to sit the exam to get my CSCS card (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme, keep up), along with lots of people doing their driving theory test.
Since getting back I have attended a site induction at London Bridge and passed a drug and alcohol test (my mother will be pleased to hear).

Placeworks en vacances

Placeworks is back at work after a couple of happy weeks sailing the north coast of Brittany. New ports discovered - Roscoff, L'Aber Wrach'h and Trébeurden - old favourites revisited, and everywhere an impressive variety of patisserie to be explored. Cherbourg, visited on the way home, is having a dramatic facelift. The Capitanerie and massive new Centre Commercial are now complete but the main square was still being resurfaced and the Thomas Henry museum is nearing the end of a three-year refurb. That's three summers without paintings. Luckily Cherbourg's other star attraction, restaurant Le Pily, is unaffected by les travaux. Against some stiff opposition (notably La Cotriade in Paimpol), it took the honours in this year's "Agathas" - the hotly contested awards ceremony where as well as best gastro dining experience, categories this year included "best emballage of patisserie", "most ridiculously long walk" and "most wildlife sharing a shower".

dbrief Quarterly - bringing you the lowdown on what’s going up in Bankside and London Bridge

With new development comes new opportunities – whether it’s helping to construct the buildings themselves or working in new businesses that move in once they’re finished. The new issue of dbrief Quarterly has just been published and it's all about those prospects.

New developments are set targets for local jobs and training that are often discussed as statistics. In this issue we put names and faces to some of the stories behind the numbers. It’s all about meeting the people, from those working to match jobs up with local people to the head of HR at one of the bigger recent arrivals. And we meet a local resident who was so inspired by the changes around him he decided to help make it happen. You can pick up a print from Banskide Community Space, 18 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0FD.

Q: Where can you see Dufy, Matisse, Picasso, Piper, Hepworth, Dali, Grant and Bell?

A: The Artist Textile show at Fashion and Textile Museum, Bermondsey Street - extended until Sunday May 18th.

David Kirkaldy At Home

To celebrate the launch of our new sponsorship brochure, the directors of the Kirkaldy Testing Museum will be holding an event later this month to bring our plans for the revitalisation of the museum to a wider audience. For an invitation please contact me at: