Work place works

Work is a moveable feast these days.
Working as artist in residence can be an amazing opportunity to really see somewhere from the inside - and getting another perspective on how it works. So I was really pleased to have the chance to work at Blackwell's main store in Oxford Blackwell as their Artist In Residence and chose the theme The Way We Work Now as this beautiful bookshop is the workplace of choice for an amazing, electric bunch of writers, students, academics and people just looking for inspiration. About half of the exhibited works featured the regular weekday clients of the Blackwell Caffè Nero — writers of novels, screenplays, sermons, academic articles and poetry who enjoy sharing the just-lively-enough ambience of the coffeehouse while perhaps hoping for some extra inspiration from the books surrounding them. Other paintings in the show looked at different working environments, including the artificial glow surrounding a trading desk in the City and the ability to stay in touch with work (or the inability to escape from it) even when you are walking through a Parisian park.

Click here for a review in The Oxford Times.

All of the paintings can be seen in the Gallery and one or two are still available for purchase. Please contact Placeworks if you would like more information.