Neighbourhood planning in London - do you live or work in Bankside? Get involved!

Bankside Neighbourhood Forum has published a Pre-Submission draft of Bankside Neighbourhood Plan. This is the chance to get it right, so please take a look at the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum website (link is external). As well as links to the plan, there is a survey where you can record your comments and ideas.

A bit of background
Bankside's residents and businesses have long been committed to helping shape the future of this historic commercial and residential district of London. The introduction of neighbourhood development plans through the Localism Act 2011 means that in future these ideas and priorities can have statutory influence through planning policy. Find out how you can get involved.

Since late 2010 a group of representatives of Bankside’s business, residential, and other community stakeholders from within the area have been exploring the development priorities and ambitions for Bankside that should be encompassed thorugh a neighbourhood development plan. NDPs, usually known as neighbourhood plans, are part of the statutory planning process, enabling local communities to develop detailed planning policy for a specific area.
As well as setting out policies to give developers a clearer idea of what development in Bankside should be like, a neighbourhood plan can identify ways development can deliver benefits for the community – setting out priorities for projects for Bankside that the community wants and making sure that Bankside stays an attractive place for investment that benefits the whole borough.

The Forum has been working with residents, businesses and local organisations to discuss priorities and gather ideas. These are being brought together into a draft neighbourhood plan with the help of consultants. Once the draft is complete there will be a further chance to comment on the policies and projects in the plan before it goes to Southwark Council. It will then go through a series of tests and be put to a ballot of local residents and businesses.
If successful in this ballot, Bankside's plan will become part of the development planning framework for Bankside when the council decides planning applications here.

Bankside Neighbourhood Forum hopes that as many people as possible who live, work and visit Bankside will want to get involved and add their voices to shaping how Bankside develops in future.