Green Capital - Placeworks edits new publication on London's green infrastructure projects

Client: Cross River Partnership
Status: Published 2016

Keen to try your hand at urban greening but worried that investing in biodiversity is bad for your bottom line? Think again!

As London's population rises the environment needs to be increasingly resilient to cope. To help make the business case to encourage more green infrastructure projects in London, Cross River Partnership has published 'Green Capital', and Placeworks was very pleased to be asked to work with top designers Hudson Fuggle to edit this handy new guide, introduced by Sir Terry Farrell.
Packed with practical case studies highlighting lessons learned as well as achievements, 'Green Capital' shows how green infrastructure is taking root across the capital as central London's Business Improvement Districts are making a big difference through small interventions.

It turns out that not only are pocket parks, rain gardens, living walls and planted roofs good for the environment, they really are good for business too.

Download your copy here