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Below are some recent projects, where Placeworks has worked with people like Mayor of London, Academy of Urbanism, Cross River Partnership and We Made That to find a clear, informed and engaging voice. If you have a similar challenge

contact Sarah to discuss how we might work together.

Cultural Infrastructure Plan

Client: Mayor of London
Status: Forthcoming

Cultural infrastructure is vital to maintaining London's role as a world leader in culture and creative industries. However, retaining and growing London’s cultural infrastructure is complex, there is not one quick fix. The Mayor of London’s first ever Cultural Infrastructure Plan sets out why cultural infrastructure is important to London, how it is at risk and what can be done, and signposts the wider resources the Mayor is investing in to help. As a call to action it offers practical examples of successful projects so far, flags opportunities for future action, and sets out an action plan to support and grow cultural spaces in London. It helps local authorities, developers, landowners, cultural and community organisations, artists and businesses to work with the Mayor to support cultural infrastructure in London.

Understanding London's Markets

Client: Mayor of London
Status: Published 2017

Street markets are part of the fabric of London life: they are at the heart of many communities and local places, and offer Londoners a diverse range of economic, social, and environmental benefits. However, while many markets are thriving there are challenges for markets to maximise this 'social value', and unlock investment that will continue to bring these benefits.

High Streets for All

Client: Mayor of London
Status: Published 2017

High Streets for All is an extensive urban study of London's high streets, commissioned by the Mayor of London to better understand their value to Londoners across economic, social and spatial dimensions, and examine
how this value can best be identified and expanded.
The study was researched and written by We Made That and LSE Cities, and Placeworks was commissioned to edit the final report, to ensure a consistent voice and tone throughout.

Urbanism, a compendium of great places (Routledge)

Client: Academy of Urbanism
Status: Published 2016

Urbanism, by David Rudlin, Rob Thompson and Sarah Jarvis, is a compendium of 75 places shortlisted as part of the Academy of Urbanism's annual awards celebrating great cities, towns, streets and neighbourhoods. For the informed (urbanist) armchair traveller, this treasure trove reveals figure ground plans, drawings and poems, alongside the story of each of these 75 special places, proving that there are many ways to get to know a place, and many places worth getting to know.

Green Capital - Placeworks edits new publication on London's green infrastructure projects

Client: Cross River Partnership
Status: Published 2016

Keen to try your hand at urban greening but worried that investing in biodiversity is bad for your bottom line? Think again!

As London's population rises the environment needs to be increasingly resilient to cope. To help make the business case to encourage more green infrastructure projects in London, Cross River Partnership has published 'Green Capital', and Placeworks was very pleased to be asked to work with top designers Hudson Fuggle to edit this handy new guide, introduced by Sir Terry Farrell.
Packed with practical case studies highlighting lessons learned as well as achievements, 'Green Capital' shows how green infrastructure is taking root across the capital as central London's Business Improvement Districts are making a big difference through small interventions.

Work place works

Work is a moveable feast these days.
Working as artist in residence can be an amazing opportunity to really see somewhere from the inside - and getting another perspective on how it works. So I was really pleased to have the chance to work at Blackwell's main store in Oxford Blackwell as their Artist In Residence and chose the theme The Way We Work Now as this beautiful bookshop is the workplace of choice for an amazing, electric bunch of writers, students, academics and people just looking for inspiration. About half of the exhibited works featured the regular weekday clients of the Blackwell Caffè Nero — writers of novels, screenplays, sermons, academic articles and poetry who enjoy sharing the just-lively-enough ambience of the coffeehouse while perhaps hoping for some extra inspiration from the books surrounding them. Other paintings in the show looked at different working environments, including the artificial glow surrounding a trading desk in the City and the ability to stay in touch with work (or the inability to escape from it) even when you are walking through a Parisian park.

Click here for a review in The Oxford Times.

All of the paintings can be seen in the Gallery and one or two are still available for purchase. Please contact Placeworks if you would like more information.

Routledge 'Urbanism' book now available for pre-order!

The much anticipated 'Urbanism', co-written by Sarah Jarvis with Wolfson prize-winner David Rudlin and star urban designer Rob Thompson will be available from 1 November from all good bookshops and online here

Author blurb says: "Sarah Jarvis is a writer about cities who has tried out several for size, living in Paris, New York and Dublin before settling in London. Since studying Geography at Cambridge University Sarah has been exploring different ways to understand, communicate and actively influence how places work – from journalism and travel writing to academic research and consultancy. Sarah has an MPhil in Urban Planning from the Bartlett School UCL, and has worked on projects that range in scale from assessing urban renaissance across England to neighbourhood planning in Bankside. She also explores places visually – taking on commissions as an artist to examine the processes of change up close."

Tall storeys – words on buildings: Part 1. Kirkaldy's Testing & Experimenting Works in the heart of London SE1

You know that bridge you cross four or five times a week – ever wondered if it's completely safe? Luckily the ingenious Victorian engineers who put it up (no, obviously that doesn't include the Millennium Bridge) got there before you, in every sense.
When much of this great city was being transformed the last time round infrastructure wasn't infra dig, in fact quite the opposite. New bridges were springing up everywhere, usually with the aim of improving transport and only occasionally to raise income (just saying).
New building materials were coming into use, and to test that these could do what they were being asked to, independent commercial materials testing houses were a must. Oh yes, except there weren't any.

Neighbourhood planning in London - do you live or work in Bankside? Get involved!

Bankside Neighbourhood Forum has published a Pre-Submission draft of Bankside Neighbourhood Plan. This is the chance to get it right, so please take a look at the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum website (link is external). As well as links to the plan, there is a survey where you can record your comments and ideas.